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Fundación Abrazando Ilusiones

Taking the Floor at the World Investment Forum

We are thrilled to share the recent participation of Leila, our co-founder, as a panelist at the UNCTAD World Investment Forum in Abu Dhabi, a pre-eminent global platform dedicated to investment in sustainable development. Since its inception in 2008, the Forum has been at the forefront of leveraging investment policy for sustainable development, bringing together stakeholders from around the globe to promote positive change.

Leila’s panel delved into “Reimagining Education”, with a special focus on the challenges faced by young people in conflict-affected regions. In regions marked by conflict and violence, education is often disrupted, hampering children’s right to education and leaving many without access to essential knowledge and skills. Moreover, schools and other academic facilities often become tactical targets in conflict, and the trauma experienced by young people not only impacts their future development but also casts a shadow over the prospects of a more peaceful world.

The intersection of conflict and financing for education in crisis situations is a complex issue, and key insights were shared during the panel. Similar to Leila, at Abrazando Ilusiones we recognize the key role of education and development cooperation in providing opportunities for young people, and the cruciality of peace dialogue in preventing many of the challenges we currently face. This recognition is, in fact, imprinted at the very heart of our mission of fostering positive youth development and social cohesion.

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Diana Dimitru

Diana, our Volunteer Coordinator, holds an important role within our philanthropic efforts, as she not only oversees but also collaborates closely with the volunteers that help propel our mission forward. Born in Romania, Diana holds a master’s degree in Intercultural Communication, Translation, and Interpretation in Public Services, and her passion lies in uniting people for a greater societal good.