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Fundación Abrazando Ilusiones

Speaking Youth Inclusion at the Spanish National Radio

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In a recent broadcast on Spanish National Radio, the important role of non-governmental organizations in the effective integration of young migrants and refugees took center stage. Our president, Hassane, shared insights into the Spanish context, illuminating the challenges and opportunities encountered by the Foundation, with its focus on empowering the youth.

This feature on Spanish National Radio underscores the Foundation’s commitment to fostering not only the positive development and integration of young newcomers, but also a society that values diversity and cooperation. The broadcast extends an invitation for greater collaboration and understanding, recognizing that the journey toward sustainable social progress is a collective endeavor.

Navigating the Landscape of Inclusion

The broadcast, tailored for an Arabic-speaking audience, commenced with a concise news bulletin, setting the stage for an exploration of the socio-economic inclusion landscape for youth in Spain. Abrazando Ilusiones, a non-profit foundation dedicated to fostering positive youth development, particularly among youngsters originating from Arab countries, spearheaded the discussion.

Third Sector Contributions, Challenges and Triumphs

During the discussion, Hassane underscored the pivotal role of non-governmental organizations in fostering the positive development of young migrants and refugees, and shed light on the Foundation’s comprehensive approach. This approach extends beyond resource provision to at-risk youth, encompassing awareness-building, training for frontline agents and young professionals, and building good practices.

Hassane also addressed the challenges faced by young migrants and refugees in Spain, drawing from his first-hand experience. From linguistic barriers to navigating complex bureaucratic processes and social despair, the hurdles were acknowledged. However, the conversation transcended challenges to celebrate the triumphs of individuals who not only successfully integrated into Spanish society but persist in enriching it, fueled by their determination and the Foundation’s generous support.

Abrazando Ilusiones remains dedicated to fostering a society that cherishes diversity, upholds principles of equity, and embraces inclusion. You can listen to the broadcast and delve deeper into the conversation here.

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