Fundación Abrazando Ilusiones
Fundación Abrazando Ilusiones

Witnessing Morocco’s 6.8 Earthquake

Abrazando Ilusiones Foundation stands in solidarity with all those affected by the recent earthquake in Morocco. This magnitude-6.8 quake had a particularly devastating impact on rural Morocco, where two of our team members were present, yet fortunately unharmed.

According to UNICEF, the seism has affected at least 100,000 children, leaving them exposed to the elements as thousands of homes were destroyed. The earthquake and its aftershocks also damaged schools, hospitals, and other essential facilities, further exacerbating the challenges faced by children.

Through our Imouhay project, we have been dedicated to promoting positive youth development in rural Morocco. In response to this natural disaster, we are actively exploring ways to provide support to the affected areas through our established networks.

Please stay tuned for more updates and thank you for being part of our journey.

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Diana Dimitru

Diana, our Volunteer Coordinator, holds an important role within our philanthropic efforts, as she not only oversees but also collaborates closely with the volunteers that help propel our mission forward. Born in Romania, Diana holds a master’s degree in Intercultural Communication, Translation, and Interpretation in Public Services, and her passion lies in uniting people for a greater societal good.