INACICAM (Inclusión activa de inmigrantes en la Comunidad de Madrid by its acronyms in Spanish) is a project that contributes to the working and social inclusion of immigrants and other vulnerable groups that have been particularly affected by COVID-19.

Fundación Abrazando Ilusiones, subsidized by the Community of Madrid, has developed this project to train immigrants and vulnerable groups seeking employment or needing the resources for a good job. That is why we have the same purpose as INACICAM to accompany, advise and guide the beneficiaries. To do so, we cover their basic needs and train them in social skills through individualized itineraries and in the use of ICTs. This improves their employability and decreases the digital gap. This training will be followed by employment education workshops on BAE (Active Job Search, by its acronyms in Spanish) and labor intermediation, job orientation, teleworking techniques, and self-employment guidance support.

COVID 19 has caused an unprecedented crisis- both in the health and social field- all around the world. Consequently, it led to a serious economic situation for everybody, especially for the most vulnerable ones or in social exclusion risk.
The situation in the Community of Madrid is similar to other communities: many people have lost their purchasing power. Others are waiting in long queues to get food, and finding a job is getting more and more difficult for them.

The pandemic has pushed away vulnerable groups from job opportunities as they have no financial resources to buy electronic devices, install the internet connection or seek online support networks. This digital gap has also been intensified by the changing needs of the market such as the teleworking demand.

This project is going to attend directly and individually to 30 people for 12 months. It helps immigrants at risk of social exclusion, for physical, cultural, or social reasons. It also promotes employment education and immigrant integration. Moreover, it offers health and social assistance to the most vulnerable ones, especially sick people with no resources. To carry out this inclusion we have set the following objectives:

  • Improve their communication abilities and their social skills.
  • Train them in technological tools and teleworking skills.
  • Provide pre-employment and job orientation services, training in basic skills. Teach strategies to achieve a better knowledge of their personal and professional skills.
  • Advice of self-employment activities.
  • Promote equal opportunities through awareness-raising campaigns and the devlopment of community activities.
  • Create approaching tools to the supply and demand market -labor intermediation-.
  • Raise public awareness about the impact of COVID, appealing especially to the employers’ social responsibility of not to discriminate against dismissed people.
  • Provide information, guidance, and support in self-employment activities (business management, customer service, marketing, and product sales).

The development of this project is possible thanks to the work of experts, such as social workers and employment trainers, teachers, volunteers, and other professionals from different fields.