Martin Luther King Jr. once said: injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. While various types of justice exist –legal, political, and social–, the latter is known as the equality of opportunities and human rights. Social justice is a principle we strive to embody, as we work to advance equal access to rights, opportunities, and resources regardless of one’s racial, religious, or economic background, so that every person has the opportunity to prosper and take an active part in fulfilling their societal roles.

Every February 20th, we come together to commemorate World Day of Social Justice. Reflecting on what it means to us, we think of the injustices that migrants and asylum seekers face on their perilous journeys to safety. We take this day to honor their resilience and urge more action to ensure dignity, equity, and justice for migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers.

But to advance social justice, the fight cannot stop here. We still have lots of work to do, and advancing fairness and equity for those who often face heightened discrimination in society is one of our top priorities. Through projects such as FUTURES and INACICAM, for instance, we provide multidimensional support to  vulnerable migrants and refugees, and empower youth from a variety of backgrounds to drive positive change in their communities.

Driven by the spirit of solidarity and cooperation, it is crucial that we come together to unlock social value, elevate the voices of those who are less heard, and address the needs of the underserved. Join us in seeking solutions to the imbalances we face together as a society.