We seek to contribute to a diverse and cohesive society that facilitates effective equal rights, participation and empowerment of people in situations of special vulnerability, developing specialized initiatives that promote integral human development, intercultural communication and inclusive processes.



Our vision is to become an entity recognized for the impact of its actions; in a benchmark of quality, good practices, efficiency and sustainability in the care of people in situations of special vulnerability, as well as in the practical training of a large number of university students and professionals.



They are the deepest convictions that guide the Foundation’s actions, guarantee the correctness of its vision and sustain and shape its mission. They also create identity and cultural brand.


  • Solidarity and commitment: the spirit of the Foundation is built on the basis of a supportive attitude committed to the interests and needs of people or groups in situations of special difficulty, recognizing their capacity for autonomy and trying to influence the factors that in such situations prevent them from having access to decent living conditions.
  • Interculturality, diversity management and social inclusion: by converting existing social, linguistic and / or cultural differences into opportunities for the promotion of dialogue and the dissemination of the values that make up its mission and betting on the processes that contribute to the improvement of communication, relationship, exchange and intercultural integration between people and / or groups.
  • Equal treatment and non-discrimination: through the promotion of measures that prevent individual or collective practices that have the effect of undermining the rights of any person, either directly or indirectly, based on sex, origin, ethnicity, disability , sexual orientation or age.
  • Social justice: guaranteeing access, under equal conditions, to the different resources and services by the most socially, culturally, politically and economically excluded population.