Community Iftar - 01/04/23

Just a week ago, we invited you to the community Iftar where with love and lots of art, we organized with Lotus Villains and Galeria IT at La Tabacalera. 

Today we share with you some photos from the wonderful event. 

Why a communal Iftar, you may ask? 

Objectives x3:

  • We are diverse and we embrace it. Facilitating understanding between people of different cultures and faiths is something that we are passionate about.
  • We are our cause. We know that many young Muslims in Spain find themselves without a family reference. And what’s better than an Iftar as a familiar concept in which to share and exchange?
  • We are art, and from Lotus Villains and Galeria IT we are committed to enhancing the urban environment in all aspects. 

More than we can express, ~60 people from 10+ countries joining us to participate in Iftar makes us feel better than enjoying delicious couscous. 

Collectively, Lotus Villains, Galleria IT, and Abrazando Ilusiones Foundation will return with more. Thank you to all of the social workers, artists, volunteers, and others who made this event so fantastic.