Abrazando Ilusiones Foundation was created in 2016 to foster diversity, equity, inclusion, and cohesion (DEIC), with a focus on the youth and migrant people. Over the years, the nonprofit has reasserted its commitment to promote participatory and supportive cultures across contexts, and it has consolidated itself as a reliable, self-sustaining entity. This is all made possible through an innovative methodology based on strategic partnerships, collective leadership, and cooperative learning.

Learning is a social endeavour and a lifelong process. We have all learned from our peers as we interacted with them to reach new levels of understanding. But not every person has access to a learning community. Some miss the opportunity to teach and be taught. As a result, people struggle to reach their full potential, and their challenges and capabilities often go overlooked. While the lack of access to a learning community perpetuates inequity, low levels of intergenerational reciprocity and intercultural awareness hinder social cohesion and sustainable progress.

In John Dewey’s words, “education is not preparation for life, education is life itself”, meaning that learning is an active process that should occur to enhance one’s living and understanding thereof. As we strive to build a more humane future, we believe “cooperation” must be imprinted onto learning, and “opportunity” and “understanding” onto everyone’s reality. With that in mind, we base our work on cooperative learning and collective leadership. Do you want to learn more? Click on how we do things.