Abrazando Ilusiones Foundation seeks to promote human development and the social inclusion of the migrant community, as well as to foster citizen coexistence in the context of interculturality. To achieve this, the Foundation develops various initiatives including comprehensive training and guidance to unaccompanied foreign children and adolescents, training of the professionals involved in the care of these minors, teaching Spanish to asylum seekers, refugees, and/or migrants in vulnerable situations, and the celebration of awareness-raising dynamics, among many others. 

Constructing My Future is a project aimed at unaccompanied foreign minors in situations of special vulnerability. The general objective is to contribute to the integral development of young people, promoting the processes of social and community inclusion, as well as their transition to adult life.

The complex reality that these minors face can affect multiple areas of their social life (training, health, employment, etc.) and have a negative impact on key aspects such as their development or the efforts aimed at promoting processes of social inclusion and the improvement of community coexistence. The situational analysis reflects the need to implement intervention strategies (such as CMF) that adjust to the specific needs of youth, which can contribute to mitigating existing risks.

At the same time, it is crucial to sensitize the population about the values of cultural diversity, facilitating exchange processes in favor of a cohesive society, to train the professionals involved in caring for these minors, and to promote the coordination of the actions of public powers and social agents involved in order to maximize the available resources. 


Please see below to learn more about how Constructing My Future has carried out these objectives.