The World Health Organization (WHO) coined the term active aging to refer to the process that seeks to make aging a positive experience, full of opportunities for health, participation, training and safety. In this sense, at the Fundación Abrazando Ilusiones we do not understand aging as a linear and immutable process, since human functioning shows great plasticity at a biological, cognitive, emotional and social level.


For this reason, we implement actions that seek to improve the life expectancy of our elderly, increasing their quality of life and preventing the appearance of deficits associated with age. In this regard, the project AMVA responds to a demographic reality characterized by a continuous increase in the percentage of elderly people in relation to the total population, and includes the activities developed with these people (many of which are in a situation of dependency), with the aim of enhancing their healthy life expectancy.


To this end, the project includes activities that promote their physical, mental and social well-being, enhance their personal autonomy and prevent them from possible situations of vulnerability associated with age. More specifically, multiple workshops are held that provide their participants with tools, knowledge and skills that stimulate their potential and slow down the involutive processes that accompany advanced age. Likewise, in order not to let aging become a factor of distance or reciprocal disconnection between the elderly and society, the Foundation, as a multicultural and intergenerational meeting space, promotes the inclusion of older people in different areas of their social life through their participation in cultural activities that promote the contribution of their knowledge and experience to other generations. The activities carried out are circumscribed and affect four fundamental aspects: