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Multidisciplinary project aimed at facilitating the socio-labor inclusion of young refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in situations of special vulnerability. Among others, it provides professional training for employment and psychosocial support.


Socio-educational training and accompaniment intervention directed to foreign unaccompanied minors with the aim of facilitating child development, integration, and transition to adulthood while fostering social inclusion and cohesion.


AMVA promotes the active aging of the elderly and offers a support network against unwanted loneliness. AMVA's numerous workshops seek to slow down the involutive processes that accompany old age by enhancing functional autonomy.
Con ñ de sueño

The Ñ Project

Conceiving language as a key instrument for dialogue & cooperation, the Project comprises Spanish language courses adapted to the needs of particularly vulnerable groups with the aim of enhancing sociolinguistic and intercultural skills.

Specialised Training

Competitive Examination

We offer preparatory courses for professionals, researchers or students who wish to join the State Corps of Translators and Interpreters (CTIE).


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📝El árabe también es un idioma de gran relevancia para la Fundación Abrazando Ilusiones. Es la lengua materna de mu…

Los musulmanes son aquellas personas que practican la religión islámica. Según ACNUR, el 80 % de los musulmanes no son de lengua árabe.

Los árabes son un grupo étnico y lingüístico, que se caracteriza por compartir el uso de la lengua árabe. Su nombre…