Harnessing youth potential for
diversity, equity, inclusion, and cohesion

WE ARE professionals, entrepreneurs, and collaborators from all over the world, and we are PASSIONATE ABOUT cooperative learning to bring out the best in PEOPLE


We are on a mission

Our commitment to
diversity, inclusion, cohesion, and equity (DICE)
is the backbone of anything we do.

Through our Social Action Programme, anchored in cooperative learning,
we advance our mission of improving young people's lives,
and work towards sustainable social justice.
Partner Trainings
Our Partner Training Programme comprises are a mix of theory and hands-on in-service training tailored to our partner institutions for capacity enhancement and good practice
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Learning Hives
Our Learning Hives Programme offers practice-oriented specialisations to postgrads and young professionals in fields ranging from linguistics, to legal and cultural studies, sociology, and IR
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Here's how we support our mission

Beyond capacity enhancement and good practice,
the ultimate goal of our Training Hub is to achieve sustainability
by enabling the Foundation to support itself financially in innovative ways
instead of relying solely on grants and donations.

Put simply, all profits from the Hub are re-invested to further our mission. Hence, the pillars of the Hub's science are purpose, synergism, democracy, and actionability.